About us

Hope, this is the word that would better define how our project was born.

It is hard to explain how everything started in just a few words but we could sum it up as follows:We were four different people from different parts of Spain but with a passion in common, Dani Pedrosa. His wonderful way of riding, his technique, his tenacity, his persistence, his way of being and behaving, his career…he meant hope to us.

Every one of us went both to the races and promotional events to support him, although always separately with our own friends.

Until one day, thanks to the Repsol blog, we finally met.

It was then when one of us came up with the idea of creating a facebook group after out pilot “THE OFFICIAL FACEBOOK DANI PEDROSA FAN CLUB”. When observing the great acceptance that it had among other followers and how thrilled everyone was, we agreed to keep up with the project. We wanted to make our dreams, and so many other’s, come true: build up Dani’s official fan club. Just for him and because of him.

Really soon our ‘family’ started growing and this website was born.

Our single goal is to support our great champion Dani Pedrosa, both the rider and the person. Enjoy being at the races, meetings and other events to offer him all the support we can and encourage him during tough times when he needs us. Laughing with him and also crying with him.

We would like that everyone believing in him shared this same hope. Because even though Dani has already given us a lot, he still has plenty to offer. It is now time to keep up and start all over. This is the beginning of our way among him. Get ready to be overwhelmed with all the joy he going to give us

Friends, welcome to Pedrosa’s philosophy. Welcome to his fan club: “NEVER RIDING ALONE” ( “NO CORRES SOLO”)